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Our goal is to maximize impact with minimum intervention, privileging leverage over efficiency. The key here is a freedom based approach, the absence of pretense or artificiality while we empower our customers to do what they need.

We are a Not a Number, but we use numbers to take care of people and to grow sustainable products.

It is not just about software development; it is also about understanding the context, the company's vision, designing processes... The whole path.

We have choose some small acts and zen principles to keep us on this track.

We work mainly with Python and Django, on the backend. We've chosen this technologies because of the fantastic Python community and because we can use Python to create both a simple script and complex Machine Learning stuff.

In a world full of frontend frameworks, we prefer using just HTML and CSS to bring user interfaces to life. We also use SVG and d3.js to build dashboards with useful data visualizations and data exploration tools.